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Kiln Drying Wood Products Greatly Reduces Creosote and Moisture levels that are not necessary for flavor, increases BTU’s and requires less maintenance for your chimney

Franco’s Gourmet CookWood offers the finest quality hardwoods with the highest levels of service for use in culinary settings

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All of our Classic Culinary Products are kiln dried to under 10% moisture and cut to specifications for use as wood fuel and smoking meats

Kiln Dried Wood Beats Seasoned Firewood | Find Out More >


“I’ve been burning kiln dried woods ever since meeting the guys at Franco’s Gourmet Cookwood, I maintenance chimneys for residential and commercial fire ventilation and I’ve been able to save customers money by switching them to use only kiln-dried wood.”
| Mike Scranton

“You never know where to find good wood on a small scale, most wood at the stores are only seasoned, not kiln-dried and high in moisture, I’ll never go back!” | Ray Simons

“When I finally found a company who understood the importance of always using kiln dried wood they found out very quickly they had a long time customer.” | Ron Thomson

“As a long time chef in the oven fired pizza business I have relied on Franco’s Gourmet CookWood and their team to provide consistent product on demand and they have yet to let me down.”  | Dave Vitalia


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