Why Go With Kiln Dried Wood?

The Benefits Of Kiln-Dried Wood Over Seasoned

All of our wood is cut to specifications required by our chefs and related clients. Seasoning wood for a year or two is going to still leave you with about 20% moisture, this contains creosote which is known to cause cancer if inhaled regularly, as well its that nasty stuff that clogs up your chimney. Kiln dried systems can lower the moisture and creosote levels significantly to as low as 6%! This means faster lighting time, solid oak woods will burn at a higher BTU level and keep your fire rolling no matter at home or in your restaurant.


A Side By Side Comparison

Why Choose Kiln-Dried


Kiln Dried-Guaranteed Dry

We sell only kiln dried wood and we guarantee it to be dry. It will light easily and burn brightly.


Kiln Dried-20% Less Moisture

Kiln dried wood averages less than 20% moisture content. At the kiln, sensors are in the wood monitor when the wood is ready.


Kiln Dried-Better Price

Kiln dried is more expensive, but kiln dried firewood from us includes service and will burn hotter.


Kiln Dried-Ready To Burn Now

The kiln makes it so by producing controlled moisture content in days.

Benefits of Kiln-Dried

Kiln Dried-Easier, Quicker To Light

Ready to burn now, buy the amount you want. Some kindling and a little time, you will have a nice fire to relax by.

Kiln Dried-Burns Cleanest

Less moisture in the wood creates less smoke, less smoke creates less smell.

Kiln Dried-Less Hissing, Popping

Less moisture means the water in the wood does not get captured then suddenly vaporize which pops a chunk of wood out with the sparks.

Kiln Dried-Less Smoke

Less change of back draft and a less smokey smell in the house.

Forget Seasoned Wood


Seasoned Wood-Dealer Claim

Ask your dealer how long the wood has been cut and split. Does he know the moisture content?


Seasoned Wood-No Stated Moisture

Around 30% moisture. Customers complain that the wood is hard to light and smokes a lot. Ask your dealer about this.


Seasoned Wood-Price

It is typical lower priced, varying by time of year and the dealers supply, which is why people buy it.


Seasoned Wood-Plan Ahead

Not knowing how dry means it is best to buy early in the spring to make sure it is ready when you need it.

Cons of Seasoned Wood

Seasoned Wood-Plan Ahead

Not knowing how dry meansyou will have a more difficult time getting the wood to light. You have to plan ahead.

Seasoned Wood-Hard To Light

Less expensive, buy early, forecast your usage,
clean the chimney.

Seasoned Wood-Chimney Cleaning

Higher moisture creates more smoke and  the need to clean the chimney more frequently. Less expensive, buy early, forecast your usage.

Seasoned Wood-More Noise

If the wood is wet, feed kindling to the bottom of the fire so it keeps the up draft going


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